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Patients Reviews
He should get 10 stars, not 5!

Naomi G. | May 18, 2024
Least a pleasure spending time with the doctors. Super professional, thorough and patient. Truly great staff.

JOSE R. | May 16, 2024
Very competent and professional. Asks questions and listens.

Patricia F. | May 15, 2024
Office staff are very helpful and efficient. Physical was caring and had excellent communication skills. I was cared for professionally and efficiently.

CYNTHIA C. | May 15, 2024
Nice and wonderful team.

Pedro P. | May 13, 2024
I received first class treatment it was worth the wait father and daughter great team wonderful staff

Cornelius P. | May 11, 2024
Dr. Laura is very good @ what she does , she explain & answer any questions u may have , very friendly office staff.

Cynthia H. | May 09, 2024
Awesome Staff. I will definitely recommend

Jaime B. | May 08, 2024
Laura is great :)

AMY K. | May 03, 2024
I can highly recommand Charton Adler ,D.P.M I had the best experieance with Laura B.Adler D.P.M taking care of my problems regarding my feet. I will be back. Sincerely Edda Fessel

EDDA F. | May 02, 2024
I am very happy with my choice of the pediatric care with Dr. Laura Adler. She patiently explained my issues and answered my questions. She is easy to talk to. The office staff is professional and friendly. I am definitely recommend Dr. Laura Adler to my friends and family.

Zenaida S. | May 01, 2024

Elaine B. | Apr 28, 2024
Excellent doctor! She is very knowledgeable, took her time and gave me many tips and recommendations. Highly recommend

Stephanie C. | Apr 25, 2024
Very Good

Carlton C. | Apr 24, 2024
Very pleased! The office staff is very friendly and helpful. My appointment was on time and I was seen By Dr. Laura Adler. She is very personable and kind. She is very knowledgeable and answered our questions thoroughly. Her examination was thorough and diligent and she gave me great recommendations. I highly recommend her and this office.

LAURA L. | Apr 22, 2024
well cared gor

JUDITH C. | Apr 20, 2024
They attended to me quickly, with great professionalism and warmth. excellent!!!

MARIA C. | Apr 17, 2024
Very nice people and cared about you

ANNE D. | Apr 17, 2024
Very professional

CARLOS C. | Apr 16, 2024
Doctor Adler was great! She was very sweet, she was very helpful explaining all the details of the diagnostic. Would recommend 100%

MIRIAN M. | Apr 15, 2024
Very good experience and trust to dr Charle Adler

ROGER M. | Apr 11, 2024
Very nice and clean doctors was the best my toe look so nice just nice in all

PAMELA E. | Apr 10, 2024
DR Charles Adler Is a wonderful kind and very thorough Dr I have know him since 2017 and he is just a kind, warm professional Dr Very much recommended Thank you

Bella N. | Apr 09, 2024
This is a real family business.The daughter of Dt Adler is great .Good as the father.They both express good steward shop toward there patients.You don't get this are see this anymore.Can not said enough.

Jerome A. | Apr 05, 2024
Great job on our nails

Freddie G P. | Mar 31, 2024
very friendly and professional

Luis P. | Mar 28, 2024
Caring Doctor that listens to his patients. Never in a hurry to rush patients in and out. Takes his time to make sure all his patients needs are met.

DONALD S. | Mar 24, 2024

Oleg P. | Mar 24, 2024
Dr Laura Adler is kind, has excellent bedside manners and does everything she can to solve your problem. She is very knowledgeable and knows how to teach the patient about their condition, the treatment plan and how to manage the situation in the home setting. Excellent doctor!

Lourdes A P. | Mar 24, 2024

Herbert Zemel B. | Mar 19, 2024
I am a patient of Dr. Adler for many years. He is friendly and with great experience. He is very knowledgeable and listen if you ask him about other illnesses besides the feet I would not hesitate to highly recommend him as a great doctor.

Sara P. | Mar 18, 2024
Great care

Ronald M. | Mar 18, 2024
Very much has the experience and knowledge

Geraldine R. | Mar 16, 2024
Good service

PATRICK S. | Mar 07, 2024
Very kind and professional foot care I recommend this team highly

Eliza B. | Mar 06, 2024
The service was done and in a timely matter.

PATRICK S. | Mar 06, 2024
I'm very happy

Pauline P. | Mar 02, 2024
I'm very very satisfied

Louis P. | Mar 02, 2024
I love coming to this office

Mary Lou A. | Feb 29, 2024
Adler Foot and Ankle is the BEST!!!! Great service, care and professionalism. I love Dr. C. Adler, Dr L. Adler, Terri, and the rest of the staff, great people!!!!!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!!!!

Cocomenage A. | Feb 28, 2024
Great Service. I love Dr. Adler and his staff. I will always recommend to my friends .

Arkady T. | Feb 27, 2024
Excellent service

Barbara C. | Feb 24, 2024
Love Dr. Adler, very friendly and knowledgeable!

HILDA S. | Feb 23, 2024
very satusfied with this practice. i would recommend my friends go there. dr. adler is very professional.

RICHARD S. | Feb 23, 2024
Professional care and expertise

Micheal D. | Feb 22, 2024
Excellent service wonderful people always eager to take care of issues. Friendly knowledgeable and very organized office. We are very happy to have them take care of our feet

Gulab M. | Feb 21, 2024
Very good

Barbara R. | Feb 14, 2024
Very good

Carlton C. | Feb 13, 2024
Very good

Darryl B. | Feb 09, 2024
Dr Adler is very professional knowledgeable and friendly The best!

Genevieve T. | Feb 06, 2024
My visit to Dr. Laura was for an emergency situation. I was thankfully surprised that I was able to see her the same day. I was satisfied with Dr. Laura and her team. All were extremely professional, attentive and compassionate with my care, which had weekly followups for more than a month. I appreciate their efforts and dedication to providing me with the best possible care. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services.

MICHAEL F. | Feb 05, 2024
Dr Laura Adler is terrific and explains everything she is doing. Great job thank you!

Judith K. | Jan 31, 2024
Great and complete service

Francisco L. | Jan 31, 2024
First time here- was treated very well. Dr Adler took her time in removing glass from my foot and all around inspection of foot health. You get the sense that these people care.

DMITRY R. | Jan 30, 2024
Dr. Laura did a great job cutting & cleaning out my toenails just like her dad. Thank you sooo much. What a fantastic team.

Ronald M. | Jan 26, 2024
Very good

ROGER M. | Jan 23, 2024
Professional, attentive, clean, the parking is a little limited, but otherwise, I way very please.

BETTY T. | Jan 23, 2024
Excellent care and very. Helpful office staff! Dr.ADLER is thorough and extremely pleasant!

Jill F. | Jan 23, 2024
Everytime I come see Dr Adler, I leave feeling like I'm in heaven. My feet are so much better after he works on me. I've been a patient and friend for years and will continue as long as I can!!!

Robert D. | Jan 20, 2024

Sergio P. | Jan 19, 2024
Excellent physician and care by office tech! Long time patient!

Jill F. | Jan 17, 2024
Dr. Laura Adler is 100% professional yet has the personality of your best friend. Immediately you feel at ease no matter what procedure she has to perform for you. Her touch is ultra light, as though she was using a feather rather than a razon sharp scalpel to remove my hardened callous from the bottom on my foot, which is extra sensitive. She explains every step that she is doing and asks you several questions so she can get to know your daily routine and can perhaps suggest alternative areas when you can, and in my case, where i can lessen the pressure on the bottom of my foot. Before you know it she was saying goodbye and hoped that she took care of everything you came to her for. In my opinion, this is the way doctors should always treat their patients, not dismiss you in under 5 minutes and barely spoke to you . my score for Dr. Laura is a rousing 100000000% and i hope you give her the opportunity to ply her craft if you ever need her services. call her at 305-935-3999 to book your appointment, You won't regret it . Norman Eisenberg

Dr Norman A. | Jan 13, 2024
Dr. Charles Adler is an excellent doctor, he is friendly and easy to talk to. He explain what he is doing and why he is doing. He is very concerned about your over all health.

ELAINE W. | Jan 12, 2024
She’s very efficient she did a great job. Very professional. Loved her carisma

Enrique B. | Jan 11, 2024
love it!!! everyone is very nice and helpful.

Beth G. | Jan 11, 2024
I would recommend Dr.Alder to anyone who needs a foot Dr. The workers are gracious , kind loving people considerate. His office is clean neat and comfortable. And they work together. I thank you Dr. Adler.

MARIE B. | Jan 10, 2024
Very good doctor helped me a lot with my foot very good service

CHAIM K. | Jan 09, 2024
Great team

ADA F. | Jan 07, 2024
Great service!

Gwendolyn A. | Jan 05, 2024
Exelent service I recommend the Doctor highly

Shifra P. | Jan 04, 2024
I met with Dr. Laura Adler and she was very thorough in examining my foot problem and explained things in great detail. She then had various x-rays taken of my foot and came back and explained exactly what was at issue. Again explaining everything in great detail, in a way that I could understand. I’m scheduled to have an MRI this week and will go back to see her again for follow up

STEPHEN M. | Jan 04, 2024
Good bedside manner, competent, short waiting time.

Larry B. | Jan 03, 2024
They are the best Dr Adler also his assistant Atler they are the best.

Debra U. | Jan 03, 2024
Best doctor all team nise i like servis 100

LEONID P. | Jan 02, 2024
Best attention in town

Ricardo P. | Dec 29, 2023
Nothing but the best medical service from Dr Laura Adler. Excellent

FRANK B. | Dec 28, 2023
Great professionals and very good people

VLADIMIR K. | Dec 26, 2023
Listen to your concerns and address them. Treatment and recovery was quick.

Anthony M. | Dec 21, 2023
Very compassionate caring knowledgeable and thorough doctor.

Gulab M. | Dec 20, 2023
Very caring k

Gulab M. | Dec 20, 2023
I have been treated by Dr. Adler for many years and he gives an excellent service

Sara P. | Dec 19, 2023
Very good Dr Adler is ver profesional and nice

Juan J. | Dec 17, 2023
Great service

Carolyn L P. | Dec 16, 2023

Veronica D. | Dec 16, 2023

Fred V. | Dec 16, 2023
great best podiatrist ever very professional

RICHARD S. | Dec 15, 2023
I was seen by Dr Laura Adler, his daughter, now in his practice. She was great! She was kind, explained everything in a calm manner. She was quick to order an ultrasound to be done immediately by a technician who happened to have just left the office (she called him back). I was so relieved and pleased to have had this test done, which was not planned. I've been going to Dr Charlton Adler for about 15 years and have always had excellent care from him and office manager, Terri.

Lourdes A P. | Dec 13, 2023
Well done!

Ralph H. | Dec 12, 2023
Very friendly, attentive, and professional doctor. Takes her time to understand your problem. Discusses the plan of action to get your problem cured. The office staff also deserves recognition.

WILSON R. | Dec 11, 2023
Dr. Adler and staff are great, thank you for everything!

Eliza A. | Dec 06, 2023
Very good

MEMREE D. | Dec 06, 2023
Dr. Laura was WONDERFUL!!! She was very polite, professional, caring and above all concerned about the care of my feet. I truly enjoyed the simple conversation we had.

CONSTANCE G. | Dec 05, 2023
She is excellent , good hands.

Enrique B. | Dec 03, 2023
Very professional and nice.

BENITHA J. | Nov 29, 2023
I went for routine foot care for toenails and was very satisfied.

FRED E. | Nov 28, 2023
I was seen right away by Doctor Adler. I knew right away that both of my feet were in the hands of a dedicated professional!

ROBERT S. | Nov 27, 2023
Excellent care. Dr Adler is personal, listens to patient and treats patient professionally

BRUCE C. | Nov 23, 2023
Very nice personal experience

Granville N. | Nov 21, 2023
Have patience

MARIE A. | Nov 19, 2023
Very good

OLGA C. | Nov 18, 2023

CARLOS C. | Nov 18, 2023
As always, the best foot Doctor ever.

Anthony F P. | Nov 16, 2023
Have previously recommended your practice & will in the future. Thank you.

HANA W. | Nov 15, 2023

LESTER W. | Nov 15, 2023
I am very pleased that Dr. Adler agreed to remove the spur from my foot. I can't wait to be able to walk normally again. I already am starting to feel better I think that he and his daughter are excellent doctors and I would recommend them to all my friends.

DEBORA C. | Nov 14, 2023
The best orthopedic doctor to see

BERLINE M. | Nov 10, 2023
Everyone very friendly and professional. No long waits. Dr Laura Adler was just great. She was everything you want in a doctor. Showed great interest in my wound. Very attentive, Definitely a doctor to see.

WILSON R. | Nov 10, 2023
Very good Doctors. Happy to be seeing by Laura

BERNARD E. | Nov 09, 2023