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Foot Surgery

You might need foot surgery if you suffer a severe trauma or a painful structural abnormality. At Adler Foot and Ankle’s convenient offices in North Miami Beach and Hallandale, Florida, Laura Adler, DPM, and Charlton Adler, DPM, provide minimally invasive surgery for these and other foot disorders. They use arthroscopic techniques to ensure minimal tissue damage and pain with a fast recovery. Call Adler Foot and Ankle’s nearest office today or schedule a consultation online to learn more about foot surgery.

Foot Surgery Q & A

Why would I need foot surgery?

Many podiatric (foot and ankle) disorders don’t require surgery. The Adler Foot and Ankle team will only recommend an operation if your condition isn’t treatable using noninvasive approaches.

Some foot and ankle surgeries repair or reconstruct fractured bones and torn ligaments. Others change the foot’s structures to address abnormalities affecting mobility. You might also need foot surgery if you have a severe or badly infected wound.

The Adler Foot and Ankle team uses arthroscopic techniques where possible during foot and ankle surgery. This keyhole approach requires much smaller incisions than open surgery, reducing pain and shortening recovery time.


What reconstructive foot and ankle surgery might I need?

Dr. Laura Adler specializes in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. Procedures she performs include:

Tendon repair/reconstruction

The Achilles tendon at the back of your heel can rupture or degrade to the point where surgery is the only treatment. In these cases, Dr. Adler might sew the ruptured ends together or use a tissue graft to replace the damaged part of the tendon.


Ligament repair/reconstruction

Dr. Adler might be able to stitch partially torn ligaments. But if a ligament ruptures (separates from the bone), it isn’t possible to repair it. Ligament reconstruction involves using grafted tissue — often a section of tendon from another part of your body — to replace the damaged ligament.



Foot or ankle arthritis that no longer responds to conservative treatments might benefit from fusion surgery. Dr. Adler removes the damaged cartilage from your joints and prepares the bone surfaces. She then fixes the bones with plates, screws, and pins.

Dr. Adler also reconstructs feet affected by conditions like clubfoot, flatfoot, bunions, and hammertoe.


What foot surgery would I need for a wound?

Most foot wounds are diabetic ulcers. These open sores can penetrate down to the bone and resist healing. Dr. Charlton Adler specializes in treating diabetic foot problems and wounds using the most advanced treatments. You might need to undergo debridement — surgery to remove dead and diseased tissue — before starting treatment.

Many people need limb amputation surgery because their wounds become infected with gangrene tissue death. Dr. Adler is an expert in limb salvage, preserving the foot and leg despite severe wounds.

Call Adler Foot and Ankle today or book an appointment online to learn more about the team’s expertise in foot surgery.