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Arthritis can affect any joint, including those in the ankle and foot. At Adler Foot and Ankle’s convenient offices in North Miami Beach and Hallandale, Florida, Laura Adler, DPM, and Charlton Adler, DPM, provide advanced arthritis treatments that reduce symptoms and improve mobility. They also perform joint replacement surgery for severe, advanced arthritis. Call Adler Foot and Ankle’s nearest office today or schedule a consultation online for expert arthritis care.

Arthritis Q & A

What is arthritis?

Arthritis has many forms, all affecting the joints. Some kinds affect several joints, others just one or a few. Most arthritic conditions are relatively rare, but some are very common — notably osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis can affect any joint and is especially likely to develop in the joints you use most. That’s because it’s caused by wear-and-tear. Years of use causes the cartilage coating the ends of your bones to wear away. The bones can’t slide smoothly over each other once this cartilage is gone, causing them to catch and rub.

Inflammation develops, followed by pain, stiffness, and weakness. The joints can also distort. Osteoarthritis symptoms get worse as the years pass and can lead to significant disability. Rheumatoid arthritis causes similar problems, but its cause is an immune system dysfunction.

Another form of arthritis, common in the feet, is gout. This condition develops when high levels of a natural substance called uric acid build up in your blood. Your kidneys should flush excess uric acid from your body. If they don’t, the acid can form sharp crystals in the joints — most often the big toe. Gout affects men far more often than women.


What problems does arthritis cause in the foot and ankle?

Arthritis pain is a gnawing, aching feeling that’s often there all or most of the time. It can flare up in bad weather, when you feel stressed, and when you’re more physically active than usual. If you have foot and ankle arthritis, you could struggle to walk because of joint and heel pain. You might also struggle with balance.

Many people with foot and ankle arthritis also suffer from vascular disease. Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), which causes varicose veins, is a common problem. Another is peripheral artery disease (PAD). Both conditions cause poor blood circulation and increase your risk of nonhealing leg ulcers.

The Adler Foot and Ankle team assesses your gait (how you walk), balance, and circulation when evaluating your arthritis.


What treatments help with foot and ankle arthritis?

Medications that reduce inflammation are helpful for arthritis. Custom-fitted orthotics (medical footwear inserts) help cushion and protect your feet. As the condition gets worse, you might need steroid injections to manage the inflammation.

If these treatments stop working, the Adler Foot and Ankle team might recommend joint replacement. Dr. Laura Adler specializes in ankle replacement surgery, removing damaged bone surfaces and implanting artificial replacements.

Call Adler Foot and Ankle today or book an appointment online for first-class arthritis diagnosis and treatment.